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CV Tape Station (PREORDER batch 15x modules > shipping +- 13th may 2021)


CV TAPE STATION is a 28HP eurorack module created for cassette tape lovers and modular artist who are looking for lofi electro magnetic sound & experiments with CV control in their eurorack modular.

NEW limited BATCH (15x modules) > shipping +- 13th may 2021

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CV TAPE STATION is a 28HP eurorack module created for cassette tape lovers and modular artist who are looking for lofi electro magnetic sound with CV control in their eurorack modular.


– Potentiometer for manual tape SPEED management

(from very low to high speed)

CV IN for tape speed


– mono AUDIO OUT

– Mono RECORD IN : 3 options
:: audio in jack
:: electret mic record on panel
:: record radio directly on cassette
>> you can use CV IN tape speed + CV tuner (for radio) during recording

– Potentiometer for audio record level (can be use to mix external source during tape playing or radio)
experimental CV TUNER for radio station (chopper effect/ noise modulation)

AM/FM switch

antenna on panel for increase radio signal quality
NEW > feedback distortion potentiometer (with two modes : hard/soft)
> can auto-oscillate in hard mode

– EURORACK 28HP  +- 150/250 ma @+12V / 0ma @ -12V / 0ma @5V
(can reach 350 ma peaks with hard and fast modulations)
– Polarity protection on power
– there is a trimmer on the back to calibrate the range of the motor speed

– BLACK PANEL matte + matte varnished  with silver and white silkscreen 2mm (next version will be with gold)


– playing manually with motor tape speed from high speed to very low speed (osc, noise, field recording sources, FX,…)

– create monophonic melody with looptape (CV IN + attenuverter + offset) / not 1V/oct

– create ‘cassette beat’ (for example : record noise and change drastically the cv speed > Hi-HAT (tremolo/gate with CV IN)

– record LOFI TAPE LOOP (w/ cassette loop) with in-build microphone or with REC IN jack then play with it or with radio etc

– record the RADIO STATION DIRECTLY on the tape (also with CV TUNING, with control speed…)

– control motor speed with analog osc

– disturb radio frequencies with CV radio TUNING
– mix external source with recorded tape or radiocassette
– …

→ DELIVERY & notes

These modules are designed, handmade and assembled in Belgium – Europe.
PCB and Panel are professionally  made in factory.
It’s limited series (numbered) and these modules are made one by one so now it’s only possible to do small batch. You can join mailing list to be the first to receive pre-order announces.


– This is a walkman, so it’s not to compare with high fidelity tape player/recorder deck
– We didn’t designed the walkman, it’s a hack for eurorack.

block diagram v2.5 > 2.7


CV TAPE STATION V2.5 (will be soon updated with V2.7 panel)

cv tape station


CV TAPE STATION - using a sequencer to control tape speed and create melodies

CV TAPE STATION - record loop tape cassette with the panel electret mic

RADIO CV FM tuning

CV TAPE STATION - using AM waves as VCO